About Us

The Christian Walking Club has around 400 members drawn from all walks of life and church denominations.

Membership is open to all Christians who accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour. We welcome people of all ages whether in their 20's or 70's or somewhere in between. Some are single, others married.

Events are held all over the UK, throughout the year, usually for a weekend or a week. We grade our events so members know what kind of walking is planned and how strenuous they will be.

We usually stay in shared accommodation such as Bunkhouses, Youth Hostels, or self-catering cottages. In summer we may be found camping. For larger events held over bank holidays we often stay at Christian holiday centres.

The club is run by members for members. There is a committee, elected annually at the AGM, supported by a host of others with the skills to help make the club run smoothly.

A regular newsletter is sent to club members. This is full of club news, event reports and equipment tips.